Your ice bucket sucks.

Fuck man, I hate seeing pointless Facebook videos and I hate people who criticize it.  I guess that makes me a hypocrite, huh?  Look, stop doing this stupid meme if you don’t actually give a shit.  Find some medical condition that’s affecting someone you actually know and focus on that instead.  And as someone who bleeds pinstripes, you all suck if you didn’t already know ALS.  

Don’t trust me with jello shots

Unless of course you want both of us to get absolutely smashed

House of Vans

It’s a cool venue.  And they get a lot of cool artists to play there.  And they give away free beer.  Yea.  It sounds like a really fucking cool place.  But they always overbook.  And half the people that tickets for shows don’t get in.  Yea, sure it’s free.  Whatever.  But the $10 I spent getting there and back wasn’t free.  And this isn’t the first time I’ve gotten turned away.  So here’s your two solutions.  One: House of Vans, stop overbooking free shows.  You’re not the fucking Colbert Report.  Or two: don’t even bother getting tickets to these shows unless you plan on showing up two hours before doors open.

Fuck this venue.

The Dilemma

Ok, so if you read my last post, you realize I love United Nations (the band, not the actual UN).  The biggest thing I have to worry about in my life right now is which shirt to wear tomorrow.  Do I wear the Thursday shirt or the Converge shirt?

Thoughts for the night

First of all, I’m drunk.  Ok.  Now on to more important things.  Miles Davis and the Cool is the best song ever.  It’s fucking amazing that the music department at my school still recognizes me even though I only did a minor.  And it’s even better when your advisor is at the same hockey game as you and tells you to double fist. And then even more so when the man that wrote you a recommendation letter gets to see you trashed.  Twice. 

But the most important part is that United fucking Nations is playing tomorrow night.  And even though it’s more of a pain in the ass to take the G instead of the 7, you’re still going to do that because you’ve loved this band since their first album because Thursday is amazing and fuck Queens.

Holy fuck I am drunk.

Honey, put on your red dress and your diamond soled shoes, climb on down from that window, climb on out of your room — "Miles Davis and the Cool" - The Gaslight Anthem

You know when your favorite band is releasing a new album and you get worried that it might not be good but you end up loving it anyway?  Yeah.

"Blitzkrieg Bop" - The Ramones, Ramones

Just got the bad news.  This is only the third time I find myself being legitimately upset about a musician’s passing.  But the thing that bothers me the most is that each of the original Ramones are now gone. 

Ever since I started getting into music, I’ve made tons of friends with a wide variety of tastes.  But somehow, everything always came back to The Ramones.  You could say “Hey ho, let’s go” and everyone would start singing.  You could have no idea what to put on the playlist and then just fill it up with The Ramones.  You could even play in a crappy cover band for a high school battle of the bands and have a practice of just Ramones songs.

The point is I’ve always had a place in my heart for The Ramones.

Look out below.